Staff Team

Meet the Staff Team!

Here at SCP: Secret Shenanigans, we strive to create a safe and friendly environment for users to enjoy casual games or fun experiences. Doing this must also come with security to make sure that everybody is obeying by the rules. On this page, you can meet the whole staff team and see what they personally have to offer!

Server Moderator

Cosmo @tescoworker16

"Hello! I’m cosmo, I’m 14 years old Brit. My hobbies are lifting and Rugby, then gaming of course! I wanted to become a moderator in the SCP SL Secret Shenanigans server to gain experience, and personal discipline. I found it worthy that I did such a thing to apply and succeed on gaining  the position, for I love being in the community, participating in events and failing to get rewards! Joining the staff team was my best bet at gaining a better reputation and helping support others within the community. I’ve made many new friends and shared experiences with them, alongside playing other games with them too, I recommend sticking around."

Jesper1222 @jesper1222_0794

"Hey! My name is Jesper im 18 years old and i still mainly work internships. My hobbies are playing video games with friends and taking care of my dog. I wanted to become a moderator so that i could be a part of this community and make sure everyone is having a good time playing on SCP: Secret Shenanigans."

Server Moderator

Server Moderator

Nameless @misfiy

"Hi! I'm Nameless, and I'm a 14-year-old autistic kid who loves playing games. Spending a lot of time on the server, I became a staff member, and I really enjoy helping out! It not only allows me to communicate and collaborate with others, but also gives me valuable experience in doing so. I've been fascinated by the SCP lore for quite some time, and having a community to discuss the SCP universe with is fantastic. I'm excited to make new friends along the way!"

Kaifidango @kaifidango

"Hai, I'm Kai im 19 from Scotland Im pretty laid back and chilled. Im currently doing Coaching for Football/Soccer. I like the community around SCP SS as the community is what makes this game fun, Youll usually see me Goofing around and screaming in fear ~_^"

Server Moderator

Server Moderator

LilPapagias @lilpapagias

"The Greek God of the server. An absolute gamer who goes after achievements. Loved the server so much that he decided to become a mod. He wants to help out his fellow staff members when they cant make it or having a bad time. Have a problem? He'll be right there. Now be careful what you say when he's on because he might be watching you... He might be in the walls as well... If you hear uncanny music... He's in your presence."

CesTheFox @cesthefox_8678

"Hellu my name is Caesar! I wanted to help out to maintain this amazing community, keeping it safe, fun and engaging, as well as lend a helping paw to the owner so maybe he could take breaks from time to time to deal with the server. It shall be my task and my objective to keep the server together and making it very fun!"

Server Administrator

Server Moderator

Ryan_Iron @ryan_iron 

"Hello lads my name is Ryan aka Ryan_Iron :O I'm a moderator for the lovely server known as Secret Shenanigans who tries to make the server as fun as physically possible :D. You'll mostly find me in game and online so if you need anything ping me in the server or send me a message request. I deal with the majority of reports on the server as I am nearly always in game so if you have a problem with someone else or an in-game issue send the report and I'll get right on it and assist you in the best way possible :). I am always trying to improve and better my skills and life so if you have any tips or advice let me know lol. I am a social care student so if you ever need to talk about anything just let me know and ill always be there for you guys :)."

GreyShade @greyshade2149

"Sup Im Grey Im 20 Million Years old and love playing tons of games, when I first joined the server I was pretty competitive until I learned to actually have fun and when given the opportunity to join the staff team I took it and soon ended up becoming an administrator allowing me to spread the fun constantly with some goofy shenanigans and I recommend you join us for some of those might find the KITCHEN GUN."

Server Administrator

Server Owner

Jraylor @jraylor

"Hello! I'm Jraylor, and I'm based in the UK. I'm a 17 year old college student studying VFX & Animation. I made SCP:SS because I wanted to create a loving and accepting community with people that can have fun and experience great times. I've been on the internet for a few years, so I think I get the gist by now. Good day to you all!"

Contact Us - Staff Messages

If you ever feel the need to report a problem with in SCP: Secret Shenanigans, you may always feel free to drop a message in one of our DM's. Please do consider however that we will not be available 24/7. Because we're human, we need both sleep, and time that isn't always purely dedicated to SCP: Secret Laboratory. However, we will reach back to you if you drop a message at some point.

Contact Us - Support Ticket

If you feel as though private messaging a moderator is too tedious or not for you, then we have a ticket machine! Please note that, like above, we are not up on discord 24/7. As well, please note you must be in the server to gain access to it. However if you do wait patiently, I'm sure one or more of us can come back to you.