Support Benefits

Why support SCP: Secret Shenanigans?

There are many great reasons to support SCP: Secret Shenanigans. The main point is that you pay to keep the server up and alive, and in return you gain awesome benefits for the server too!

SCPSwap to Any SCP!

As a regular user, when you spawn in as an SCP, you will get a pop up saying that SCPSwap is enabled. However, you are limited by the amount of people on your team, as you can only request to swap with them. 

Now it's different! By becoming a Patreon Supporter, you gain access to every SCP as soon as you spawn (excluding SCP-049-2). Don't want to be X now? Turn into Y by a simple console command!

VIP Discord Channels!

General chat giving you sensory overload? Come on over to our more toned and calmed down vip lounge! This is a safe haven for you if you ever want to talk about something, or if you want to escape the mental place that is General chat.

This may not be too beneficial, but it's definitely something to keep in mind! As well, you unlock seperate Voice Channels that I join quite often, as well as gaining access to The Jraylor Zone.

Reserved Slots + Ingame Badge!

"What, the server got full again and you can't join in the fun? Ugh! Why must I have to wait for a single player to leave, so I can have my turn on SCP: Secret Shenanigans?"

Not for long! Now by becoming a Patron for SCP:SS, you now have a reserved slot! Now you can join the fun, even when the server is at maximum capacity! Not enough? Take an in game badge with you, to show people how much you truly care about the server!

You're awesome, and you know it.

In SCP: Secret Shenanigans, we want to recognise the effort that people will go to support the server, taking hard earned personal money out of their own (or mom's) bank account to support the uptime of SCP:SS.

If you directly want to contribute to SCP: Secret Shenanigans, we want you to know that you are extremely amazing. Even so, if our benefits are not enough for you, nothing is stopping you from suggesting new ones! 

Of course, you can view the full amount of rewards over at our Patreon, so hopefully this helps you out! Any further questions or assistance can be reached to via creating a ticket in our discord server.