Oh I'm sorry, we're not that interesting enough? How about now, with our own SCPs that can appear in-game, with their own description and abilities, accessed by reading up on their documentation! Have fun reading below, you have got quite the bunch of documents to read.

SCP-239 is an automated system inside of the Central Autonomic Service System for Internal Emergencies (C.A.S.S.I.E) that selects zones, pronouncing it as "the cum zone". Once "the cum zone sequence" has been initiated, all subjects inside the selected room are stripped of their inventories, before painful feelings are felt in the bodies.

About 10 seconds later, all personnel inside of the room are killed. It is about impossible to escape SCP-239, unless the door to the designated room is broken off, or if all 3 generators are activated to shut down the CZS (Cum Zone System).

SCP-762 is a somewhat commonly sighted humanoid, always found at the top of the watch towers over looking the Surface Zone at Gate A. It is completely stationary, not moving at all. SCP-762 relies on the curiosity of certain individuals to inflict pain onto them.

When a person stares at SCP-762, they will begin to feel extremely numb and slow, before their vision becomes blurry and their hearing begins to deteriorate. Then, SCP-762 will disappear from the window, as the person begins to slowly decompose and bleed, before falling to the floor lifeless.

SCP-935 takes on the appearance of any personnel or even perhaps SCP it so pleases. It's main form of targeting is conversation - engaging in conversation will give SCP-935 more time to add onto your misery if you hadn't somehow experienced any already. SCP-935, as well as shapeshifting, can teleport and turn invisible at will.

If you have a real conversation with SCP-935, one of many things could happen, good or bad. On one end, you could be sent to the pocket dimension, or he could grant you valuable or useless items. It is entirely dependent on how it sees you. If you purposefully hold a conversation with SCP-935, you are basically playing roulette. Good luck with him if so.

Please note: SCP:SS’s SCPs are not affiliated with the wiki’s SCPs. This is entirely made for fun, and 3 digits work best, so yeah, just a heads up, this is not associated with already existing SCPs.