Hi there.

Been a fucking while hasn't it? Well, in all honesty there are no excuses except for me to just keep delaying something that even I was happy for. It's named procrastination if you haven't caught on already. So what the hell is going on with the website now? Everything's just gone and nothing's here besides this long-ass text wall. Well, not really. I'll elaborate.

Up until this point, I've had multiple considerations on completely revamping the website to have a much better visual appeal instead of some png image slapped on each scroll, or some other possibly out-of-date stuff that we don't really remember at all. If this sounds familiar at all, I can indeed confirm that I have not touched this website since (according to google here) February. Before that though I did have plans to migrate over to SquareSpace for the website creation, figuring that the tools would help a lot more, and I wouldn't have to put up with Google Sites weird UI. So um, the price was too high - I'm staying on Google Sites until the Patreon can receive enough funding for it.

So what's the takeaway? Well you haven't got many, but there are about two I'd say. One, in the coming week or two, this website will look extremely different than it ever has. Even with the limitations of Google Sites and it's incredibly strange UI, I'm still going to try pushing through and making this look as amazing as I envision it to. And secondly, my procrastination. I've had some advice from friends and even tutors from my college in regards to how I'm to tackle this, and soon I'll be taking my first actual steps to beating this thing. I'm really sorry things keep being delayed, hell the Squid Game is coming late-July, and I've barely made progress besides one Google Doc that still remains unfinished. Rest assured however that it will happen, and I am confident that this will increase our exposure by a lot.

I have many plans for this server, I just need to take myself into the right mindset and get a move on. I'm, again, really sorry for delaying a lot of things, and I guarantee you thing's will look up for me. Just let me finish off college and then we can go turbo-drive in this bitch.

~ J